Asiatic Lloyd was set up in late 2008 by Friedrich Bunnemann. Over five generations the Bunnemann family has successfully run various shipping activities worldwide. The name Herm. Dauelsberg GmbH & Co KG has been closely related to the development of these activities, being one of the oldest and most reputable ship owning entities in Germany.

The company was founded in 1857 and soon obtained permission from the chamber of commerce to run an existing ship brokering firm in the port of Bremen. The first generation of the family, Mr. Christian August Bunnemann, was already with the existing company as an apprentice.

Mr. Christian August Bunnemann was principally responsible for developing the success of the shipbroking and liner agency business. He quickly became a partner and took over the remaining shares from Hermann Dauelsberg’s son Carl in 1887.

At the inception of the company, its core business comprised agency activities and cargo bookings. In the year 1867 the Brigg “Betty” was purchased and became the company’s first vessel. However, since the times of the large-scale emigration in the late 19th century, the main focus of the company has been the liner agency business. This track lasted until the late 20th century.

As the liner companies started to take over the liner agency work themselves in the late 1980’s and the 1990’s Herm. Dauelsberg had nearly all their agency agreements terminated. Since the 1980’s Mr. Klaus F. Bunnemann continuously shifted his family’s business focus towards ship owning.

Today, ship owning and ship management are the core businesses of his family’s shipping activities under the names Asiatic Lloyd in Singapore and Atlantic Lloyd in Hamburg. These companies are headed by Mr. Klaus F. Bunnemanns sons Friedrich and Nicolaus Bunnemann – the latest generation of the Bunnemann family. Asiatic Lloyd and Atlantic Lloyd focus on high specification vessels for niche markets of the container shipping industry. The current fleet consists of container tonnage between 1,000 and 9,000 TEU.

Principal Details


20 Mc Callum Street
#16-01 Tokio Marine Centre
Singapore 069046

Phone: +65 6225 2846

Fax: +65 6224 2295
Managing Director: Friedrich Bunnemann


Admiralitätstraße 10
20459 Hamburg,

Phone: +49 40 609431045

Fax: +49 40 60943109930
Managing Director: Nicolaus Bunnemann and Ulrich Paulsdorff